Friday, June 26, 2009

who? me? a blog slacker? couldn't be!;)

Ok, ok, i know.  I haven't put up any photo's and I never write anything, I will try to rectify this (she types meekly)

I have some beautiful new prints in of gorgeous birds and a couple of bunnies

i also have delicious new candles from the gorgeous Annie of Red Bamboo fame, you want to EAT them they smell so good, although i don't recommend it, could make you bit sick;)

hmmmn what else, you ask???

The talented Bec of Branched Out has brought me in some fantastic cards and earrings and I think there might be more goodies to come...

Pink dragon hoodies and pants from Paul and Paula, should be here early next week.

not sure if I told you about the belle bird creations from Heather that I have?  Well I have gorgeous felted pea pod brooches, leather owl brooches and gorgeous little posy hair clips.

Black Eyed Susie some how found the time to drop me in some hair clips and ties, thank you gorgeous xx

and well that will do for now, its wet and wild outside so I am closing early this Friday night to catch up with an old friend over a bevvy or two, enjoy your weekend and feel free to drop in say hi to Maggie and I xox

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

why i have been out of touch.

sorry all.
in process ofmoving house and have been without the internet, at the library right now!!!
Should all be back to normal soon xox