Friday, May 22, 2009


more hotcakes from pedrosprout, these booties sell fast so don't miss out!

and I had a delivery of the most amazing pendants I have ever seen, they are made up of china shards that are washed up on the shore of the D'Entrecastaeux Channel (probably should have googled the spelling of this one!) from some of the many shipwrecks around Tasmania.  They are obviously all one of a kinds and they feel wonderful also, these will become someones favorite necklace for sure, a wonderful gift, hint hint;)

hmmn, what else???

Oh I made some blankets from the beautiful merino wool from Waverly Woolen Mills.

and some softies an owl, a fish and a little cat (i think, could be a bear, who knows!) that comes with her own apron skirt, a scarf and a bag.

If you can't make it in I will post some photo's tonight, I promise xox

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

cool stuff for boys

This has to be a quick post as I am off to work but....
the postie just arrived with 2 big bags of goodies from Paul and Paula
hoodies and trackies from size 1-4 just perf
ect for boys but as with all boy stuff a little chicky could wear them too

check it out!!!!  the shark hoodie... deh den deh den deh den.....aaaaaaaaagrh!!!!

Monday, May 18, 2009

At last some photo's!!!

Bag by hideyo - made from an entire pair of trousers, very cool!  mohair, bamboo scarves by treefern, hurry this is all i have left, this girl is proving to be a fast seller.  Beautiful girls dresses by Loz and Dinny.
Mandala necklaces by Margarita Sampson, stunningly unique and beautiful to display.  Hand carved wooden earrings by the talented Oliver Strutt, also in store the most amazing huon pine bead necklace you will ever see.
crown and pear by ephemeral republic, dinosaur by fock space, owl by poppylane, dress by cherry stew, booties by pedro sprout and organic cotton blanket by franrosie (knitted by Mum!)  in background are bonnets by loz and dinny.
the window
The Ruby Pear. 

Thursday, May 14, 2009

late night shopping

Just a reminder that Fridays are late night shopping day!!!
The Ruby Pear will be open 'til 8pm.

Cherry Stew

Wow, today I had the stunning Madeleine Somers and her daughter Tilly pop into the shop with some of the most stunning girls skirts, dresses and velvet capes.  She has left me with some of her summer stock that is perfectly fine for winter when teamed with tights and skivvies and the order will be made very soon for the drool worthy winter stock.  Ruby red soft cord swing dresses, deep purple too and if I'm quick enough there may be some teal blue left also.  Cherry Stew hasn't been stocked in Tasmania before  so I am very proud to have the label as part of The Ruby Pear.  Currently sizes range from 1-6 but hopefully we can get something for the 8-12 age group soon and fingers crossed the womens range isn't far behind.  They are made to last and each garment is designed to be hard to grow out of, they are on the higher end of the price scale but well worth it, I personally think that for the time they will last they are essentially a bargain!!!  The quality of these garments is super impressive, the materials are beautiful and they are fully lined, these are the  clothes that your daughters  will give their daughters in 20 or 3o years, they are made to stand the test of time,  Just beautiful.

you can see some pictures here

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

New stock arriving soon....

beautiful recycled chenille baby rattles in apples and pears.  Delicious!!!

Cute little chenille scotty dogs and more goodies from same designer, Leah from leahkl.

Monday, May 11, 2009

more new opening hours

Well, I feel ok about doing this as The Ruby Pear is still only a baby...



The hours between 10 and 2 are my busiest hours and with the late night shopping Friday nights and the four hours on the Saturday I think that it is still plenty of time for people to come shopping.  I am of course always happy to cater for retail emergency's out of opening hours and by appointment is always ok.  This way I still have plenty of time to make and hang out with my family and do the important things like homework, washing, eating, snuggling on the couch and playing cards!!!

The shop is looking very bare at the moment, everything is selling out!!!  So if you pop in, please understand that orders have been made, waiting for them to arrive:)

So new opening hours start today, see you there between 10 & 2, please let your friends know.

Love Rach xxx

Thursday, May 7, 2009

new stock

Thanks so much to everyone that visited us at the niche market, wow what a wonderful weekend!  Hats off to Selena for organising such an amazing event xxx

I have some new stock in, beautiful kids crowns and some softie pears from ephemeral rupublic and some gorgeous little softie owl brooches from a young and talented local lass and her label Alice Rose Designs (which just happens to be my 7 year old daughters name also!)
Oh and a beautiful open weave organic cotton shawl in a lovely pale mossy green.

Well Jeremy is off to Agfest with Amy for school and since he has 3 nine year  olds in his charge we thought it best that Maggie stay at the shop with me today.  So come visit us! xxx

Friday, May 1, 2009

closed for the weekend....

Hi all!

Just letting you know that I will be selling my franrosie wares and promoting The Ruby Pear at the niche market this weekend at the academy gallery at Inveresk, Sat and Sun 10-4. 

So the shop will be closed but I think I might take along some Ruby Pear goodies, support my friends and hopefully make a sizable donation to St Giles at the same time!  

See you there gorgeous people!!!!
Rach xxx

p.s.  hopefully my camera will be up and running again this weekend so I can post some more pictures, I feel lost without it.