Friday, April 17, 2009

some photo's of the shop

leather and bead necklace by Cris of blinkwink.  screenprint tree by Maya of hideyo.  baby booties by Michelle of pedrosprout.  leather clutch by me of franrosie.
more leather clutches and wallets by me, these are made of old 80's clothing and upholstery offcuts.
more recycled leather goodies from blinkwink, stella cards by zoe from zando and a stunning print by Beth-Emily.
glass beads by moonflower, felt brooches by Andria from shagpile.

'minnie' doll by Jenny from little jenny wren, bib and face washer set by zando, autumn necklace by margarita sampson, more booties from pedrosprout
hand carved wooden jewellery by Oliver Strutt, silver earrings by Marisa, franrosie leather and in the background dresses by Gemma from Loz and Dinny, knitting brooch by Cheryl

organic cotton tees with scrumptious applique by Sarah of little blue wren
This is some of the beautiful things to be found at The Ruby Pear, more goodies in store.
This is what the shop looked like yesterday, today it looks completely different!
Thanks Gemma of Loz and Dinny for forwarding me these shots.
Wishing you a wonderful day xxx


  1. It's lovely to see the pictures of all your beautiful wares!!

  2. thank you!!! First to the shop and first to the blog!!! xxx

  3. The shop looks amazing. Rachel. Can't wait to come ina nd make a few purchases. Well done!

  4. Well done, Rachel, the shop looks great! I look forward to coming in and meeting you when next in Lonny. Good work on the blog too. I'll link you to mine now.
    Hope it continues to go well!
    Zoe (zando)

  5. Love the shop, wish I was in Tassie so I could have a closer look. What a beautiful idea to open a handmade store with style. Well done.

  6. Your shop looks lovely and the stock looks wonderful. Congratulations. I will definately be popping in next time I am up-north.

  7. Looks like a gorgeous little shop. What a pleasure to go to work each day!

  8. oh, it all looks so deliciously wonderful. Congratulations on your new shop. Am really looking forward to popping in soon!

  9. Oh Rachel I heard from so many people about The Ruby Pear but didn't get a chance to come and suss it out from you at Niche - but WOW!!! This looks fantastic and I am most certainly going to be popping in super soon to buy many gifts for friends and family ...apparently May is the month for Birthdays?!
    It was lovely to meet you (and that gorgeous doll Maggie!) at Niche - hopefully see you again soon :o)

    (That Vintage)