Friday, August 21, 2009

Cards and Stationery

gorgeous journals from Isis and some hideyo flowers

My eldest daughter Amy and I were having a bit of a leisurely wander through town the other day and we had just picked up some paper bags for the shop and she was telling me how many things she wanted from the office supplies store and I decided that she was old enough for the 'talk' :)
The chat went as follows.... ' you know baby girl, that we are a rare breed. Not everyone loves stationery, some people like it and others think its ok, some aren't even aware of it's power but for a few of us it is simply intoxicating and when you find someone else that loves it as much as you do, keep them close they will be a friend forever:)' I have always been in love with paper and stickers and envelopes and smelly diaries, good smelly, (actually even not so good smelly is ok but that is for old books that you find in second hand shops) erasers and when i was little we used to get fabulous scratch and sniff stickers for doing great work in class, I could go on......

So this week all the way from San Francisco are the beautiful letter press cards and notepads from small square design...
And from Aussie locals, Able and Game, these guys are hilarious and I am super proud to have them in store, I am always a bit partial to a witty card.....

if i was a zombie in a George Romero film I would totally eat your brain first, is a favourite :)


  1. I had "that talk" a few years ago but it had no effect, I think it is genetically programmed and you have to learn to live with it.

  2. I too am cursed with this wonderful affliction! I love paper and all the amazing textures and colors it comes in. Gorgeous cards by the way. Able and Game are truly hilarious!:)

  3. Oh and p.s. I love the new blog banner! :)

  4. Thanks Andria! It is the banner for my currently empty online store:)

  5. could i ask about your opening times? i went there a couple of times but it wasn't open!