Monday, May 18, 2009

At last some photo's!!!

Bag by hideyo - made from an entire pair of trousers, very cool!  mohair, bamboo scarves by treefern, hurry this is all i have left, this girl is proving to be a fast seller.  Beautiful girls dresses by Loz and Dinny.
Mandala necklaces by Margarita Sampson, stunningly unique and beautiful to display.  Hand carved wooden earrings by the talented Oliver Strutt, also in store the most amazing huon pine bead necklace you will ever see.
crown and pear by ephemeral republic, dinosaur by fock space, owl by poppylane, dress by cherry stew, booties by pedro sprout and organic cotton blanket by franrosie (knitted by Mum!)  in background are bonnets by loz and dinny.
the window
The Ruby Pear. 

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