Friday, May 22, 2009


more hotcakes from pedrosprout, these booties sell fast so don't miss out!

and I had a delivery of the most amazing pendants I have ever seen, they are made up of china shards that are washed up on the shore of the D'Entrecastaeux Channel (probably should have googled the spelling of this one!) from some of the many shipwrecks around Tasmania.  They are obviously all one of a kinds and they feel wonderful also, these will become someones favorite necklace for sure, a wonderful gift, hint hint;)

hmmn, what else???

Oh I made some blankets from the beautiful merino wool from Waverly Woolen Mills.

and some softies an owl, a fish and a little cat (i think, could be a bear, who knows!) that comes with her own apron skirt, a scarf and a bag.

If you can't make it in I will post some photo's tonight, I promise xox

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